The effect of deuterium depleted drinking water on the performance of sportsmen// Hungarian Review of Sports Medicine. 2005 46/1:27-38.


In living organisms the heavy hydrogen, deuterium, represents itself in a concentration of 12-14 mM/L and plays a significant role in the regulation of cell processes.

Presumably it has an impact on the acid-base balance and thus it influences the physical performance. In the present study6 we investigated the effect of the consumption of deuterium depleted water in an amount of 2 liters/day for 44 days on the stamina of rowers of the representative team.

Sportsmen (7 persons in the treated group) were submitted to a rowing ergometric loading before and after 44 days long treatment. Five rowers made up the control group; they didn’t consume DDW during the same participation period.

In state of rest and at every single loading grades blood lactic acid, glucose, sodium, chloride and anion GAP values were determined. In the treated group (DDW) the blood glucose value decreased less in the course of loading, the acidification belong to the simple loading grades was less significant and the anion GAP changed less comparing to the control group.

Though the performance and heart rate was not influenced by the treatment, the sportsmen reported  a quicker regeneration during the study.

Based on all these results, it is probable that after deuterium depletion the oxygenation of the tissues and glucose mobilization improve, so the sportsmen in the treated group are able to perform the workout under better conditions.

The results confirm those investigations that depletion of deuterium in the body starts changes beneficial for the organism, which can be also observed under physical loading.